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Learn English in your Community

The Circle is very excited to be able to offer free English as a Second Language Classes. We have an amazing instructor with many years of experience. Jodi Novotny worked at Renton Technical College for more than 13 years. In her last position as a Dean of College & Career Pathways, she led a team of 50 staff & faculty to provide high-quality, compassionate, and culturally responsive education programming to about 3000 students annually. Jodi has worked extensively with immigrant and refugee communities and with underserved US-born populations in King County.

Jodi is part of The Circle's board of directors and is a member of our Issaquah community.

The Winter session of the classes will run from January 3 to April 5, 2023, and registration is already full. But if you would like to participate in the Spring 2023 session, sign up for the informative meeting here!


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