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Impact Report 2023

Dear Community,

The Circle space is a dream we have worked tirelessly to make a reality. For a long time we knew our communities needed a dedicated organization to welcome and offer a safe space to families. In 2023, we achieved a great deal with the resources we were able to get thanks to the support of our generous donors, local cities, and volunteers.

During 2023, The Circle offered navigation services, education programs, and community circles to more than 1,470 local individuals. We have also been very busy establishing an office that is welcoming, and now have families coming and going every day. When our clients arrive, they welcome each other, get a coffee or snack, and prepare for their upcoming meeting or class. Our clients feel comfortable and at home, bringing along their friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

We are also receiving referrals from multiple local organizations in our community, in order to help fulfill each family's needs. Families have found their way to the space we have created for them, and we feel immensely fortunate that they have chosen The Circle to help them navigate their community successfully. Myself, and those who work alongside me, are honored to receive and serve them every day.

We are expanding quickly and look forward to working hard so that we can fulfill the needs of our community. I sincerely appreciate the unwavering support of our team and our community. This is only the beginning!



380 Hours of Community Navigation

Every week we meet families arriving in our communities, and we assist them to collect items for their homes, such as furniture, plates, cups, pots, mattresses, etc. We also help them with receiving medical and legal services. For those who struggle to pay their rent or need food assistance, we connect them with many local resources. We also explain, and help them navigate the school district and transportation. Our main goal is to ensure each family feels welcome and included.

165 Hours of Educational Events

For young children, we offer music classes, providing an opportunity for guardians to come and meet other adults, while their little ones enjoy a fun music class. For elementary school children who already speak Spanish at home, we offer Spanish classes twice a week where they learn how to read and write Spanish. For adults, we offer English classes in partnership with Renton Technical College, with an instructor who comes five hours a week to teach in our Issaquah office. We also offer computer classes where individuals learn how to use a laptop, and are then able to take it home at the end of the program. Also, we offer monthly Art classes for families. In addition, we offer many other educational classes, including how to purchase a home, start a business, or build credit, among others.

132 Hours of Community Circle Meetings

We have an Inclusive Circle for kids and teens of all abilities. We also have a Latino Circle to plan events such as the Day of the Dead or the Children’s Day Celebrations. We also have a Chinese Circle that offers five events a year, such as Traditional Paper Cutting and Dragon Dance Workshops. Our Indian Heritage Circle plans events for Diwali and Holi, while the Russian Circle offers weekly STEM classes and fun activities for children. We have a Circle for Teens, and a Circle for Women. Our Circles are always open and everyone is welcome.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we have been able to welcome many wonderful families, including this beautiful two-year old girl. If you are interested in helping us ensure their future is bright, join The Circle! To volunteer, please send us an email to and to donate, visit


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