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Giving Circle

Thanks to the work that we do as Community Navigators, we get to meet many families that are starting a new life in our communities or going through a difficult time. In many cases, we noticed that they are in need of items that could improve their quality of life or make them feel more included and welcome. We are also contacted by other local organizations that don't have a way to get certain items. For years, we have figured out how to get these types of things to the families that need them. We have asked on different community Facebook pages or looked for private donations. We are excited to announce that now The Circle is launching a new program that will help cover this need!

The Giving Circle is a program where neighbors help neighbors with clothing, furniture, household items, etc. If you need help or know of a family who needs support, please send us an email at

We have a Sign up page that we will post regularly on Facebook. If you would like to donate any of the items listed, you will only need to select them from the list. We will contact you to organize the drop-off or pick-up of the items. If you would like to get a donation receipt to be used to claim a tax deduction, you can send an email with your information to If you prefer to make a monetary donation, you could send your contribution and let us know you are donating to the Giving Circle: We get gift cards with these funds to give to families in need.

Thank you for supporting The Giving Circle and helping create a community that takes care of each other!


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